233. Grass or Turf

My sons have been bugging me for more “drive” time so I made Ryan drive me through the wild life safari (just outside of Omaha) – I tell you, it was the best – a 7 mph limit AND perfect photo opportunities LOL!  He didn’t mind – it was nice having someone to drive and stop whenever I told him too!  Now if I could only train the husband to do so….  🙂

Here we have a sand hill crane frolicking in the grass…..sand hill cranes migrate through Nebraska every year, every Spring I go out to watch them but have never caught a worth wild picture.  Finally a picture I like, but it took driving through the safari, LOL


~ by Tammy on August 21, 2009.

15 Responses to “233. Grass or Turf”

  1. That’s a great idea! I’ll have to remember that one for when my kids get older.Yes, a perfect opp for pix.

  2. Nice capture! Good luck on training the husband. By the time I get Dave to actually stop (we have to discuss it first) the shot is so far behind us that I just say “oh, never mind…”.

  3. Nice picture of a crane. I had to learn how to drive next to a lake. That put my into a lot of cold sweats.

  4. I love it that you are trading drive time for photo ops! I like how you composed this shot, with the crane off to the side.

  5. In Sweden we dont have this bird.
    it´s a nice picture.

  6. Yes Sally is a WoW Syster as she treats her BETTER HALF as a commodity JUST LIKE TAMMY DOES. You should realize that Husbands are FERAL totally untrainable, I know that at your Wedding you thought AISLE-ALTAR-HYMN, but it won’t work. I love the Worth Wild thought and advise you that I have stolen it and will use it willy nilly. Lovely Capture BTW.

  7. Great idea, a win-win situation :o) My boyfriend actually started to say “if you want to take pictures, tell me”… I wander what he wants in return 😉
    Its a great shot, I can imagine they are hard to get!

  8. You live by the coolest things lady! great capture…

  9. No, No, No…..all it took to get this fab photo was to be CHAUFFEURED through the safari! lol

  10. Nice capture of a gorgeous bird Tammy. Well done. Isn’t it nice when someone else drives for a change??

  11. I love the light you captured on this magnificent bird. It does seem the perfect win/win situation however brief it ends up being.

  12. He’s beautiful with that splash of red around his eyes. Nice light and composition.

  13. Nice shot and story.

  14. Excellent picture. I remember when my children begged me to let them drive. Now they are the first people in the back seat. They like to relax and let Mom and Dad do the driving.

  15. They migrate through here, too, and I haven’t gotten a great photo, but you sure did!

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