232. Patriotic

Not very creative, but I really liked this picture…



~ by Tammy on August 20, 2009.

23 Responses to “232. Patriotic”

  1. You can’t get a more patriotic symbol than this. Beautiful shot!
    I left a message for you at my blog for today’s entry.

  2. HI Tammy,
    I would say it’s very creative! He/she is Beautiful!! Great shot! Have a great day!


  3. I see why you love that shot…it’s a beauty!

  4. I like it too – and now we KNOW where the term “eagle-eyed” came from!

  5. It is a magnificent photo of a magnificent Eagle, so lucky to have been able to get that close, hope it wasn’t captive.

  6. Gorgeous, gorgeous picture. The details in the feathers are stunning.

  7. Beautiful shot. There’s a painting-like quality to it, especially around those eyes.

  8. Can’t get enough of eagle shots, beautiful creatures to photograph.

  9. Stunning subject and picture…you are one talented lady! I have a long way to go 😦

  10. This is fabulous. The level of detail in wonderful. A framer, as Clara would say!

  11. I think it’s pretty creative- I sure don’t have a photo of an eagle, and can’t really fathom where I’d go to snap one around here! Very nice.

  12. I like it too!

  13. Great detail, it looks to be eyeing you.

  14. That’s the best eagle photo I’ve ever seen. Sharp focus, great against that black background. And very patriotic.

  15. Very nice. How did you get so close?

  16. It is beautiful and very creative. -he black background and the angle–great job

  17. What a beautiful photo.

  18. Wow, Tammy! Tack sharp shot of a very regal bird! Great job!

  19. What a great shot. Have you gone to Zorinsky or to the State Park in Louisburg? Those are good Eagle places.

  20. Wow! Very beautiful! Great details!

  21. Excellent!

  22. Your so right Tammy, This is beautiful
    Spectacular Eagle

  23. Stunning!!! I like this shot too…

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