231. Temperature

Even this elk was feeling the effects of the high temperature…



~ by Tammy on August 19, 2009.

16 Responses to “231. Temperature”

  1. Oh no! If it doesn’t stop raining soon, all of our elk will have to wear scuba equipment.

  2. Hi Tammy,
    Great shot! He looks totally relaxed and happy! Love your Breakfast photo! Have a great day!!


  3. Ahhhhh, a nice long soak in a cool pond. Nice catch.

  4. Nice catch! Nice reflection in the water.

  5. Cool picture…love it!

  6. What a magnificent creature! I love the reflection in the water, beautiful!

  7. People of your Elk think they can swim just anywhere. Great Shot – Much Envious.

  8. Looks like he’s dealing with it nicely! I like the reflection and the use of the grasses in the foreground to help frame the picture.

  9. Awesome! You even got his reflection! Great shot.

  10. Are they wonderful animals to see? This is great!

  11. Aren’t they wonderful animals to see? This is great!

  12. Very cool – and look at that reflection!!!!

  13. That is such a cool shot. The reflection was great.

  14. Wonderful find and capture! I think that’s a distant cousin of Bullwinkle!

  15. I’ll just echo all of the above!

  16. An awesome animal! Smart too.

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