230. Breakfast

Not your typical breakfast!



~ by Tammy on August 18, 2009.

13 Responses to “230. Breakfast”

  1. FUN, Tammy! And well shot. I laughed out loud as I looked at the progression.

  2. At least he only nibbled on the dandelions. Good little weed killers there.

  3. Life is hard with so many mouths to feed.

  4. Wonderful catch – put a smile on my face!

  5. Ha! The perfect triptych, if only they would stick to munching weeds…

  6. This is a lovely catch!

  7. Just love this series! I love it when I get to catch something like this and your bunny photos are terrific.

  8. Thanks for sharing your wonderful bunny triptych! We used to have lots of bunnys – one of my favorite topics to photograph, but the past few years have been bunny-less 😦 We’re hoping they come back soon.

  9. You are TOO funny!! Very cute for this theme!

  10. This is so cute. A fabulous capture.

  11. Fabulous interpretation! Love that you didn’t shoo him or her away.
    Wait, maybe that wasn’t

  12. YOUR garden! lol Great shots!

  13. Love the progression of shots! Glad it wasn’t your cat eating a mouse 🙂

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