229. Landscape

This is a typical Nebraska landscape for this time of the year, fairly flat and lots of corn!   When the corn gets to be this size it means only one thing,  Nebraska football is about to begin, GO HUSKERS!  🙂   I loved how the blue skies are pushing the rain clouds out of the area – a dry day finally yesterday!


~ by Tammy on August 17, 2009.

12 Responses to “229. Landscape”

  1. Hurray for fresh sweet corn. I love having lots of farmer friends.

  2. Ah… well that probably isn’t sweet corn. It is cow corn, corn syrup, ethanol etc. We had a hard time finding sweet corn when we lived in Omaha (well, compared to the sweet corn of New England).

    A great shot of the sky and the corn!

  3. According to the song it was Oklahoma that had corn as High as an Elephants Eye, not Nebraska, watch that skin Tammy.

  4. I really like the way you captured the texture and look of the corn plant – this looks like a large field. Our corn down here didn’t make due to drought (we have the harvests much earlier, May/early June). Oh, nice sky, too.

  5. Lovely! That sky is beautiful and the colors and textures of the corn you’ve captured are amazing!

  6. Looks like my drive to work here in northern Illinois. It’s probably one big cornfield from Indiana to Nebraska… 😀

  7. Great picture . . . it is so typical of the midwest. A good picture from foreground to background.

  8. That pretty much sums up my memories of driving through Iowa and Nebraska. Interstate 80 was described to me as 6 straight hours of cornfields with a curve outside of Lincoln.

  9. Hi Tammy,
    Great Photo! Our corn around here is growing pretty good. It has started to tassle. I couldn’t see your breakfast photo. My browser must be having issues today!

  10. What a great shot of Midwest abundance! hope the prices are good.

  11. I love this shot. the sky and the corn work perfectly together.

  12. A wonderful photo of a beautiful landscape! I love the colours!

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