228. In My Neighborhood

I am renaming this theme to BEHIND my neighborhood, hey, close enough!  🙂   The bike trail and Papio Creek both run behind my neighborhood.  Last night we had a very heavy rain and our little Papio Creek went over it’s banks.  Right now it is pretty close to normal, but this is what it looked like at 8:00AM this morning….



~ by Tammy on August 16, 2009.

8 Responses to “228. In My Neighborhood”

  1. I thought you had Twin Boys, why are they not out there utilizing a resource like that to turn your Hair Grey, or are they just waiting for the up coming Soccer Season, So much better than another housing Estate, oh sorry that’s business. LOL

  2. Lots of color in the water–very interesting

  3. Feel free to send that rain down here! Thank you so much for commenting on my posts!!!!!

  4. In front of, on top of, behind, in the middle of….what’s the difference? As long as your basement didn’t flood!! Nice take!

  5. Rain, rain, go away… Like the processing on this photo.

  6. Love the streat that stretches off into infinity.

  7. I like the way the meandering stream pulls you into the shot.

  8. I love shots like this that lead you in, it is all so very green, beats drought …

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