222. Greek


I think a classical mythology statue in the Ceaser Palace Hotel & Casino is about as GREEK as I am going to get….


~ by Tammy on August 10, 2009.

11 Responses to “222. Greek”

  1. It’s all greek to me.

  2. Love the toning on this very Greek statue!

  3. The statue suits very well in sepia! Sure its greek!

  4. Perfect

  5. Great fint, Tammy. I went to Greece LAST year – just might have to sneek one of those shots in for this theme!

  6. Great tones!! Wasn’t that an interesting show?

  7. I think the sepia treatment serves this shot very well!

  8. Great shot and the tones and light are impressive. I do have a quibble, shouldn’t Caesar’s Palace have Roman gods?

  9. That is some god! Good take on the theme…

  10. Greek enough for me.:)
    I just wonder how I am going to solve this theme…

  11. Love the shot, the lighting and the processing. Come clean Tammy, that’s really RON with that spear, isn’t it? lol

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