221. Works of Art

It’s amazing the works of art you find in nature.  This spider’s handwriting was just glistening in the sun, look at that intricate pattern!  Wow, to be so talented!



~ by Tammy on August 9, 2009.

19 Responses to “221. Works of Art”

  1. Very good work, Tammy. Spider webs are extremely difficult, and you did a masterful job.

  2. I can only agree with you! Its a very nice picture too 🙂

  3. Look like Charlotte was hard at work. The angle of this photo is just perfect…you’ve caught all the webbing. Fabulous!

  4. A wonderful photo and a great choice for the theme!

  5. You did a nice job of getting the details! The background really lets you focus in on the web.

  6. Great shots! nice photo.

  7. Very well done shot, Tammy, and a clever way to use the theme.

  8. And you captured it so well! With some down time granted us by Hurricane Felicia, I’m trying to catch up on my comments. I’ve looked through all your postings, and – as usual – you’ve really done an outstanding job! I can’t decide which ones I like more – the Sedona shots or the Vegas set!! They’re all just great!

  9. Gorgeous work of art. I think spiders have an abundance of PATIENCE as well as talent! LOL

  10. Beautiful work of art and great find. Looks like no one was home!!

  11. This is, indeed, an intricate work of art! Nicely captured!

  12. I can just echo all of the above and applaud the bokeh too. I like how this wonder of nature is sandwiched in Vegas shots 🙂

  13. Great patterns and beautifully captured and presented. Nicely done Tammy.

  14. Really well photographed! Beautiful web.

  15. I’ve found spiderwebs are lovely to look at, but hard to photograph. You’ve captured the light perfectly.

  16. Don’t you wonder how they spin those webs and don’t get tangled? I tangle my floss all the time when I need to strand the threads!

  17. Great find and shot. The web looks so strong, wow!

  18. I am really so jealous. I am trying to get a shot of a web, but no luck so far. This is fantastic.

  19. Nice. And great take on the theme.

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