218. Fairs or Amusement Parks

I am probably stretching this theme a bit……but hey, it works!  While in Vegas we went to the top of the Stratosphere hotel & casino where they have a few rides.    These rides would probably be quite tame on the ground, but when you are 1,149 feet up on top of the building it make these tame rides seem like the biggest thrill you’ve ever had.  Here I captured the boys hanging over the side of the building – look at that view!  I could hardly watch them, after I snapped the picture I went inside and grabbed a starbucks LOL – I hate heights!  When the boys came in they said “wow, that was freaky” (in teenage terms, I think that means they liked it)!  🙂  For more info on the Stratosphere (and much better pictures) go HERE.



~ by Tammy on August 6, 2009.

15 Responses to “218. Fairs or Amusement Parks”

  1. Sounds like Vegas to me, very brave of a Clucky Hen Mother to snap her chicks getting their wings, ah well Soccer season soon, much safer Duh!

  2. I think it fits theme quite well. What fun (for the boys)!

  3. I see an empty seat that could have been for you!! They look so calm!!

  4. I think this is right on for the theme! I’ve seen this ride from street level. Looks very cool from up top…but you wouldn’t catch me up there! Brave kids!

  5. I would have loved that a few (hmm.. maybe a little bit more than a few…) years ago, but for every year that passes my braveness vanish a bit… 😉

  6. What a wiew! But nothing for me either…I hate heights too.

  7. OMG! I love this shot. The boys hanging in mid-air against the Vegas background. Gene Simmons was on this ride a few shows ago and I died. He did it at night too. I don’t do rides and this one seems really scary!

  8. I love the composition and colors. And that view……incredible!
    Your boys must be daredevils! Just looking at that height is making me queasy! Fabulous shot! (I think I would have grabbed something a little stronger than a Starbucks though! lol)

  9. This is a great shot, Tammy. And one I could never get because I would never, ever go up there.

  10. This photo with the Vegas background is way cool.

  11. Nice shot, I guess that’s what you call air time.

  12. Very thrilling shot, and not a stretch at all. Great view and the boys do look very cool and calm. Las Veges is lots of things and amusement park is surely one of them.

  13. Very cool – but you wouldn’t find this wimp sitting up there!

  14. Effective shot, it made my stomach queezy! Super job…

  15. This opened the day after I left…and I haven’t been back since, but when I do go, I’m going to sit there too!!! : )

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