217. Foreign

After Hoover Dam, our last stop on our vacation was Viva Las Vegas……..after leaving the nature filled Grand Canyon and the red rocks of Sedona, Vegas was defintely alive with lights and action!  Where else can you find the Eiffel Tower (and Paris, for that matter) in the US?   When I think of Vegas, “foreign” defintely comes to mind!

foreignI had a request as to what settings I used for this picture, so….

Canon XSI, kit lens (18-55mm)

Shutter Speed:  1/25 second

Aperture:  f/3.5

ISO:  400


~ by Tammy on August 5, 2009.

17 Responses to “217. Foreign”

  1. Wow! This is a great shot. What were your camera settings.

  2. I hope real paris has a giant neon balloon that says “Paris” on it.

    In fact all major cities should have that. I’ll get to work on one for “Vatican City” right away. I wonder if they’ll like a few showgirls thrown in free?

  3. Lovely shot — and Las Vegas is foreign to me!

    I use that kit lens a lot.

  4. Fabulous night shot! I don’t remember seeing a monitor with a couple kissing when I was there though! lol

  5. Great picture! Funny though that to me Vegas stands for american instead of foreign. Different perspectives… 🙂

  6. shot turned out excellent! Viewing today’s challenge posts I’m now missing Vegas and wanting to buy corn! what a day. lol

  7. I can’t think of anyplace MORE Foreign that Vegas, Sold to a gangster by the west’s best Marshall, look what it has grown up into. It would be foreign even on the moon. Great Photo terrific theme pick.

  8. Great shot and perfect indeed for the theme. Must have seemed especially foreign after the earlier parts of your trip.

  9. Perfect exposure. Excellent shot. Did you enjoy Vegas?

  10. Wonderful night scene and perfectly clever for this theme! Well done!

  11. Cool nightshot! What a contrast against the first part of the trip!

  12. This is a very well captured night scene, Tammy! And quite a clever way to use the theme!

  13. Really very nice night photo. Your exposure was perfect and the photo is full of excitement.

  14. Great capture and great for the theme!

  15. Love the blue color against the night sky. Who is that kissing?

  16. One of my favorite places, did you see the changes happening to Ceasars Palace? My brother’s firm designed all the landscape in the entrance and pool area.

  17. I sure like your framing here. You sure do wonders with night photography, wow!

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