215. Power

While doing the “dam Dam Tour”, they took us underground to show us the power generators and showed us what areas each one covered.  Imagine appr 50 people in an elevator (a hot elevator) going down several hundred feet – I thought that was worse than any amusement park ride!    Thank goodness they had enough power to get us all back up!  LOL



~ by Tammy on August 4, 2009.

8 Responses to “215. Power”

  1. I really like the symmetry in this shot…the generators, the vertical lines in the wood of the walls, the ceiling lights. Great shot!

  2. What an amazing view of this dam. The colors and the lines are tops.

  3. You have generated a really neat shot here, “For a Girl”!

  4. That elevator was a little scary! Your shot of the generators is just great! Isn’t it amazing how they built that dam.

  5. Love all the lines going on here….broken up by those circular thingeys! Really great shot!!!

  6. No thank you, no elevator ride for me…not under those circumstanses.
    I like the perspective in your photo!

  7. Excellent exposure and composition.

  8. Been down there myself, very interesting story, you’ve captured the nuts and bolts of the dam well!

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