212. Out West

We had to travel out west to see a cactus growing in the wild rather than in our jungle at the zoo…

OutWestI was surprised by the different varities, and especially by the variety of colors!



~ by Tammy on July 31, 2009.

11 Responses to “212. Out West”

  1. Wow…still blooming? Very cool! Stay away from those cholla…they jump on you! :-O

  2. Pretty, Pretty – Look, but DON”T touch!

  3. These both look like varieties of Cholla cactus (there are a lot, more then 20, I think). Nice details.

  4. I like the colour and the light in these, very nice!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous. Another wonderful shot Tammy!

  6. You’ve really made those spines glow, great DOF and cool fruit or new growth on the top one.

  7. Great pictures. The first is my favorite. The colors are beautiful. The bokeh is great, also.

  8. Fabulous macro with beautiful textures and colors, not to mention that gorgeous bokeh!

  9. I´ve never seen them like this before…in different colours! Wow!

  10. Great photo! The spines look wonderfully menacing and the color is great. Are those faded blooms, new buds or fruit?

  11. Nothing more Out West than cactus in my mind! I love the bokeh and clarity of that top shot especially! Your entire Sedona and western shots have been a treat to view. Like a virtual vacation!

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