210. Eight

We visited Red Rock Crossing Park while in Sedona.  There was a hiking trail which went along a stream that lead to the base of the red rocks.  What a beautiful area!  While on the trail we came across a whole bunch of rock towers like the one pictured – someone went through some time building tons of these!  Either that or we entered the movie of the “Blair Witch Project”!  LOL

For those of you (who were like me) who didn’t know what a cairn was, here is the meaning (Thanks Madelaine)!



~ by Tammy on July 30, 2009.

10 Responses to “210. Eight”

  1. Hi Tammy,
    This is a really great shot for the theme! Love the shapes of the rocks, but then I’m a rock collector, I’d love to have the 5th one from the bottom. LOL Have a great day!!


  2. These are cairns…they mark the trail. This is a fun one…love the tiny little rock balance on top.

  3. It’s sad how you can buy those now. Nothing like usurping a culture for some extra money.

  4. Great picture, Tammy. We saw lots of those in Canada.

  5. In Australia, they are called Cairns, and they are used by trail blazers to depict direction for those following to take, usually at a crossroad or where a wrong turning could lead to danger. Very Handy. Terrific colour even just in the Cairn!

  6. Beautiful and kind of creepy at the same time! I would have thought they were trail markers.

  7. I don’t hike anywhere where it is possible to get lost, but I often see these rock pyramids while I’m hiking. You choice of selective coloring is perfect.

  8. Love the selective color and all the textures & colors in the rocks as well as the DOF. Great shot!!

  9. Who ever made the markers took time to pick nice contrasting rock, this is perfect for your selective color.

  10. I love this! Stones in different colours and structures! Great capture!

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