209. Who put that there?

Since Ron wanted me to use this theme for my last post, I figured I better do it this time so not to disappoint him!  🙂  While hiking through the red rocks in Sedona we came upon this.  It looks like someone may have lost the change in their wallet.   Right away the boys wanted to take it, but we discouraged them, that could have been someone’s life savings and they could come back for it (the boys didn’t buy it either, but we left, change untouched)!  The next set of hikers could come up with their own stories….



~ by Tammy on July 29, 2009.

13 Responses to “209. Who put that there?”

  1. I think it’s a desert version of a wishing well. Instead of taking the coins, your boys should have added a few and made a wish…

  2. Looks like a place to leave some money and ask the spirits for some help. But only teenage boys, “Oh free money”

  3. Kids and the “finders keepers” mentality, maybe it was like the roller coaster when someone turned upside down somehow while hiking, all the change fell out! Great catch and interesting story.

  4. Hi Tammy,
    Great for the theme. Makes you wonder why it’s really there! Have a great day!


  5. Has to be a story behind it. This is a great way to illustrate the theme!

  6. What a lovely color that rock has.
    I guess that the money is left there for some reason, like at the fontana di trevi in Rome.. flip a coin and you will some day come back to Rome…

  7. I agree with the first few posts…. make a wish, btw has anyone ever had one of those wishes come true?

  8. Obviously rich litterbugs, Only in America. LOL

  9. Perfect color in the rock. so rich. I like Ron’s explanation!

  10. Great for the theme…

  11. Perfect for the theme! Maybe it’s a wishing rock or something, you know the Three Coins in a Fountain kind of thing only here it’s lots of coins on a red rock or…..maybe Ron made a quick trip to Sedona and left them so you could find them and use them for this theme……..

  12. Great and though provoking picture. It must have some local significance.

  13. What a fun scene to stumble across and capture in this pictue. Wonderful and perfect for the theme.

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