208. Inspiration

While in Sedona, we visited the Chapel of the Holy Cross.  This Catholic church was built right into the red rocks with spectacular views everywhere you look!   Who wouldn’t recieve inspiration here?  For more info on this church click here:  Chapel of the Holy Cross

InspirationThe next pic was taken from inside the chapel.



~ by Tammy on July 28, 2009.

15 Responses to “208. Inspiration”

  1. That’s crazy. Can’t imagine how much work and thought had to go into planning that.

  2. Gorgeous, inside and out. How would you concentrate on the message? I’d be distracted by the scenery…

  3. What a spectacular view. I think I wouldnt hear a word… I would be lost looking at that view :o)

  4. Hi Tammy,
    Awesome Church and Photo!! Truly inspirational!


  5. You captured this really well. I have actually attended a few weddings in this chapel and it was perfect. You should have sent me an email when you were there. I know some great places to eat in Sedona (I only live 45 mins from uptown Sedona). Maybe next time!!

  6. Great photos of a wonderfully designed church.

  7. Sally has been to Sedona, we have the magnet on the fridge to prove it. Another great shot but my first reaction was Who put that there?

  8. What a beautiful view from inside!!!!! So glad you included it.

  9. WOW! What a building! And what a wonderful view from inside the church! It must be difficult to build on this rocks…
    Another great capture Chesney!

  10. How beautiful!

  11. More stunners, I’ve never been inside it, great shots, it would be hard to attend to what was going on …

  12. Wow, wow and wow! Gorgeous!

  13. Gorgeous, beautiful. Great perspective on the shot.

  14. This is definitely on the list to see when we visit my father in Arizona this winter. Great vacation shots, Tammy!

  15. I loved the second one most. So peaceful and what a view in the background. The top image is fantastic too.

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