207. Vacation

Our next stop after the Grand Canyon on our Vacation was Sedona, AR.  What a beautiful little city nestled among all those gorgeous red rocks.  This is a picture overlooking Sedona against the red rocks at dusk from the Airport Rd lookout.  It was a spectacular sight.


One of Sedona’s famous red rock formations:  Coffee Pot Rock


~ by Tammy on July 27, 2009.

9 Responses to “207. Vacation”

  1. Love what you did with Coffee Pot rock! Sedona is SO gorgeous. Isn’t it funny to go up to the airport to get one of the best views in town?

  2. Wow, I wish I will be able to see that with my own eyes sometime!

  3. Haven’t been there either, but colors remind me of Colorado Nat’l. Monument. Just wonderful.

  4. Love Sedona, you got some great photos!

  5. Great treatment, looks like a scene for a Louis L’Amour Sackett saga, very evocative.

  6. More utterly amazing photos!

  7. I’ve fallen behind Tammy – but looking through your recent postings, all I can say is W O W. That’s CAPITAL W – O – W!!!!!

  8. Love the way you put the text in there. Wonderful images.

  9. I’m behind too…and definitely saying WOW as well…and I’m adding more places to my to-visit list as well! Absolutely a place I want to see in person.

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