203. Magical or Mystical

At dusk in the Grand Canyon something magical (or mystical) happens.  As the sunlight hits the canyon walls, the canyon comes alive!  Vivid colors and shadows dance among the canyon, it is a sight like no other.  It is truly MAGICAL!!



~ by Tammy on July 23, 2009.

11 Responses to “203. Magical or Mystical”

  1. Good old Mudda Nature, she is pretty clever Eh! Beaut shot.

  2. Amazingly magical!

  3. It is hard to improve on perfection. Truly awesome photos.

  4. It is magical and it is beautiful. Stunning.

  5. Fabulous!!

  6. This looks both magical and mystical, the color is so amazing.

  7. Amazing play of color. Great theme choice for this photo.

  8. Agree! The last 3 yeasrs, we have been in various mountains and canyons and I think the colors are part of what draws us back. It IS magical.

  9. Wonderful!

  10. Awe inspiring, breathtaking – just magnificent! How lucky you were to see this live.

  11. Wow! What a stunning photo, Tammy!

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