201. Hours, Days, Months, Years

Just think of the time involved in the making of this wonder.  I could stare at it all day!



~ by Tammy on July 21, 2009.

14 Responses to “201. Hours, Days, Months, Years”

  1. I’m with you! We visited there in the winter about 15 years ago and it was just as amazing – in a cold and snowy kinda way!! Fabulous shot!

  2. Stunning shots of your vacation so far, Tammy! This one is full of memories for you as those boys grow older!

  3. Another great shot! Did you find yourself staring and clicking away at an overlook, or on a trail, and thinking, “OK, enough!” THen you turn around and you can’t help yourself…more photos! Thank goodness for digital!!

  4. Gorgeous photograph!! I love that the 3 “boys” are sitting and taking in the sights.

  5. Think of all the work it would create, filling it in again, Hope this comment gets through and you don’t censor it too! Lovely scene.

  6. Yes it is a Grand Sight! Tens of thousands years,Months, Days, Hours, Minutes and seconds. Beautifully done.

  7. Another fantastic photo! And a very good choice for the theme. Well done!

  8. Nice! This is a grand view with the guys.

  9. Majestic is what comes to my mind and apparently to your men’s minds as well! Simply gorgeous!

  10. I love the idea of this picture. It is such a great idea for a vacation picture. The perspective is wonderful.

  11. The addition of your family really gives a nice perspective to this photo. Also the play of light and shadow on the seated figures is very pleasing.

  12. Great shot!

  13. I’m with Karen on how your guys add so much to this fine image, hope it gets printed large!

  14. I love the way you’ve photographed them contemplating the scene – very nice!

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