199. Enviromental Portrait

The Army Corp & Engineers designated this strip of  land as a protected zone for a drainage area.  They even used enviromental safe materials in the sidewalk through the wild flowers.  I love walking through this area, I have seen many flowers I have never seen, tons of butterflies and an occasional humming bird – this area was definitely well thought out!

Many of you have probably noticed I have been posting 2 pics a day for a while.  We are leaving for the Grand Canyon, Sedona, & Vegas tomorrow and I didn’t want to be behind when I returned (you know you are obsessed when…) LOL!  Anyways, although I will take an occastional peak at all of your delightful images, I will not be commenting for awhile.  Have a great week everyone (and hopefully I will be able to fill some more themes on our trip)!



~ by Tammy on July 10, 2009.

20 Responses to “199. Enviromental Portrait”

  1. Gosh, that’s a lovely spot. It looks like a sea of wildflowers. Have a wonderful trip!

  2. Yes that is wonderful looking use of the land, the colour diversity alone is meritorious.

  3. This looks lovely!!! Like how you got the curve in the path…makes you want to run along and follow it. Have a great trip!

  4. Hi Tammy,
    This is a beautiful place, looks so peaceful! Have a great trip!


  5. Great shot of the wildflower path. I used to like to take the back road to Lincoln around this time so I could see all of these wildflowers along the roads.

    Have a great time at the Grand Canyon. Sedona actually has great colors. The dark red colors. The canyon is so overwhelming. Are you going to that bridge thing that hangs over the canyon? Can’t wait to see your pictures. We are going to Massachusetts so I will be in and out too and will have pics from there for a few weeks.

  6. Have a safe & wonderful trip!

  7. So beautiful! You will LOVE LOVE the red rock country! Can’t wait to see your interpretation of the goregous places you’ll go!

  8. I love how you composed this walk down the wild side…

  9. How lovely! wish I could go there for a walk. Have a nice holiday.

  10. This is a very pretty picture, Tammy. Have a wonderful time on your trip – we expect LOTS of pix!!!

  11. Gorgeous composition with the wonderful curve surrounded by those wildflowers. Lucky you to have this walkway…

  12. Beautiful shot, love the wildflowers. Can’t wait to see your trip pics!

  13. This is amazing. Something I would love to have in my back yard. Seems so peaceful. Great shot!

  14. Enjoy your vacation!! Wonderful shot

  15. Have fun!!

  16. wonderful pictures you are bidding on. Really love all. My son would probably like to make a visit to the basket with candy. =)

  17. Beautiful picture. Love the curving line of the sidewalk.

  18. This is beautiful. What else can I say. I wish our neighborhood had a pathway this pretty to walk along.

  19. I love the winding path. The flowers are gorgeous and of course being able to see butterflies is a bonus!!

  20. Great photos…

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