195. Turkey or Fowl

This turkey vulture was making a statement….


~ by Tammy on July 8, 2009.

11 Responses to “195. Turkey or Fowl”

  1. That’s quite a statement!! He was definitely performing for you!!

  2. What he is screamimg is “Patience be damned, I’m gonna Kill something, I’m HUNGRY!!” Great capture.

  3. His cape is so bedraggled!

  4. What a great capture to get his wings spread like that – so full of expression.

  5. How cool to see the wings spread, looks like it is conducting an orchestra

  6. Looks like a fashion statement to me – look at that runway pose!

  7. Help, I´m really afraid of birds, can´t get near them. I got scared when I was little because a friend of me has a parrot and he picked me on my head..After that my legs are shaking when I came near them.
    Thanks for all your comments on my blog.
    Ecauce me for the bad english, I´m not so good at it.

  8. It looks like one of those animated figures in a theme ride at Disneyland. Great capture, Tammy!

  9. All hail Caesar! (not the salad) Great capture….those guys are HUGE!!!! Love it : )

  10. Beautiful shot. They are so ugly that they are kind of cute! Great for the theme for sure!

  11. These characters can really spread those wings out – I ‘ve got several photos of them.

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