192. Hats

Couldn’t decide which I wanted to use for this theme.  The first image was taken at the parade of those specail Red Hat Ladies!


This second image was taken at the Reniasance Faire, who could resist this lovely couple….



~ by Tammy on July 6, 2009.

11 Responses to “192. Hats”

  1. Great theme pics! Love the processing on the Red Hat Ladies. Just the Red and Purple!

  2. I like them both.

  3. Both pictures are great, but I do like the Edwardian couple.

  4. Great, i like them both.
    (my english is not god)

  5. 1st Photo: Good to see the Red Hat Society bring some colour to that dreary looking neighbourhood!
    2nd Photo: I didn’t think those fashions would make a comeback especially in the U.S. of A.
    Terrific fun clipps and good work on #1

  6. I would love to own one of those Edwardian outfits, though maybe sans the ferret decoration! 😉

  7. I like both shots, but the top one is just so much FUN!!!!

  8. Nice processing on the first photo, though I do think that driver could be Ron in drag – perhaps??? The second photo shows so much delight.

  9. For sure, it is Ron. Both are great, but just love the red hats!

  10. Big decision to make!! They are both excellent photos. I have to lean towards the red hat photo. I love the selective coloring you chose for this one.

  11. Love ALL the hats!

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