190. Our Town

We celebrated Papillion Days a few weekends back complete w/ a carnival and huge parade.  Here is “our town’s” float..



~ by Tammy on July 5, 2009.

11 Responses to “190. Our Town”

  1. I love the giant butterflies.

  2. So, what are “Papillion Days”?

  3. I think the fella sittin’ on the window sill has the best seat on the street—>nobody blocking his view! Pretty colours on the float…your town could be used for A Movie Title theme so easily. I may just have to come visit and get that cuz it’s one of my fav movies.

  4. That looks like my kind of parade and I wouldn’t mind having the front row seat that man has. Nice capture!

  5. Wonderful float! I like your selective color to make it pop.

  6. That seems like a fly by day operation, unlike real estate. LOL

  7. Love local parades – nice color effects.

  8. Local parades are the best. Love all of the bright colors in the float.

  9. You’ve captured a great shot of small-town America. The people sitting in the background (especially on the windowsill) add so much to the shot – a glimpse of what it’s all about.

  10. Another fun photo!! What is Pappillion Days? I get the butterfly part but is it celebrating their arrival?

  11. What fun! Love the float, ESPECIALLY those butterflies, but I really love that guy hanging out the window!! lol

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