188. Flowers

At the same Farmers Market there were tons of freshly cut flowers!  The colors just jumped out and said “Buy Me”!



~ by Tammy on July 3, 2009.

13 Responses to “188. Flowers”

  1. Bright and beautiful!

  2. Fabulous colours and great composition. An image that makes you smile.

  3. Hi Tammy,
    Great shot for the theme! Beautiful colors!


  4. Zinnias are a huge favorite of mine. Lovely shot!

  5. A super summer image – bright and colorful.

  6. Oh, it’s a lovely bunch of zinnias. One of my favorites! Great colors, a wonderful shot.

  7. There is NO-ONE easier to sell to than a SALES PERSON, surely you knew that. Good flowers regardless Ha Ha

  8. Wonderful colors! This photo just shouts “SUMMER!”

  9. What rich colors! Love it. Thanks, too, for your comments on my photos. I am back in action, more or less.

  10. I can’t add anything new – this is wonderful color!

  11. my eye is drawn to the upper yellow one although all are welcome here! : )

  12. Wonderful! Did you buy 🙂

  13. The flowers at the farmer’s markets are so gorgeous. Fresh cut with beautiful colors. Hope you took some home.

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