180. Childhood Antics

This first picture is from the splash park in KC – I couldn’t resist taking it (I did get his mom’s permission).


The next image is of my 15 year old boys w/ their friend.  They went out and bought a slip and slide and “played” with it all day.  Then when it ripped they wanted me to take them back to the store so they could return it.  (Of course, they never noticed it said on the box for children up to 10 years old) LOL


~ by Tammy on June 27, 2009.

10 Responses to “180. Childhood Antics”

  1. Boys. Great pictures of all the fun!

  2. The top picture is so cute. The expression on his face is priceless. The last picture is priceless, also. Teenagers!!!

  3. Slip and Slides are the best!!! They should make an adult version. Love that first shot too – boys will have fun!

  4. When I was younger we weren’t allowed to have a slip in slide as it would kill the grass. But when I was living for a bit with a couple of friends still in college one summer the got a slip ‘n’ slide too and had a great 4th weekend.

  5. Love the pictures….the photo of the little boy is so funny! And the big boys playing like little boys…but that never changes does it?

  6. What a fun photo! You’ve captured their expressions perfectly. My favorite is the one with your son (don’t know which one lol)
    with his face peeking out from under the standing boy’s shorts. That face says it all! Great shot!

  7. Perfect fun for a summer day! I ADORE the one of your boys – that’s a keeper for sure…

  8. Fun splash park photo. Great expression on his face.

    Looks like all of the injuries are healed!! I love the looks on their faces. Fabulous!!

  9. Two classic shots of boys and water fun. Well shot – all the expressions are priceless!

  10. Both of these are superb! I like the one of your boys best. You’ve captured the liveliness and fun at just teh right perspective!

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