177. Fire or Flame

Another picture from World’s of Fun, I think this one says it all.



~ by Tammy on June 23, 2009.

16 Responses to “177. Fire or Flame”

  1. great shot! it really does say it all. :o)

  2. Great take on the theme, Tammy! What a paint job!!

  3. Hi Tammy,
    Great shot for the theme! Love the one below it on the roller coaster. Brave guys you have!!


  4. Is that the vehicle that does your emergency Plonk Deliveries Tammy?

  5. Great shot for the theme. I wonder if those flames would look good on my Ford Focus?

  6. Great image. The colors are fantastic.

  7. Great shot and find for the theme. I love the tight crop. Did you use a filter to not blow out the very shiny parts?

  8. You fooled me. I was looking for a candle. Freat shot for th ethemeand nice composition.

  9. And it is your car too right? Nice shot.

  10. Love all those colors – and the creative interpretation of the theme!

  11. Is this where the term “hot rod” comes from? Great shot with wonderful color and detail! You won’t miss this one coming down the street!

  12. Great shot!! Perfect for this theme.

  13. A smokin’ hot shot there – woohooo!

  14. Great clarity and crop. Love the take on the theme.

  15. Perfect for the theme! A great capture!

  16. great for the theme but
    I so would not want to
    drive around in a flame
    mobile of any sort : )

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