176. Sense of Motion

Managed to get the coater as it was coming around the corner, my THREE boys are in the second car!  LOL  Look at their hair fly!



~ by Tammy on June 22, 2009.

12 Responses to “176. Sense of Motion”

  1. Great capture! Not a place I would want to be, like to be on the ground taking the picture, too.

  2. I’m getting motion sick from just LOOKING at this! lol Awesome shot! I see your 3 boys and they look like they’re having a blast! You should have been up there though. Corey would have volunteered to take the pic!

  3. Well done catching that motion. And I agree with Madelaine – I get motionsick from just looking, haha. /Viktoria – http://morrdrakens365.wordpress.com/

  4. Way to stop the action. Fabulous shot!!! Your boys look just like their dad.

  5. Newton’s Law at work in double quick time, great shot.

  6. Excellent timing! You got ’em! They look like they’re having a blast.
    Oh, the sacrifices Mom will make to capture a moment in time…

  7. This one looks fun (not like the feet hanging down one). Great shot, Tammy.

  8. Looks like lots of fun, great shot!

  9. Great capture of the roller coaster!! They look like they are having a blast!!

  10. It’s so hard to get a shot like this! I’m impressed! Well done!

  11. Great action shot! You’ve gotten really good pics with your point-and-shoot.

  12. Cool shot and really great capture with a P&S to get the composition just right.

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