173. Unfinished

Looks like this poor guy has to finish himself!  He really needs that extra arm…



~ by Tammy on June 19, 2009.

18 Responses to “173. Unfinished”

  1. Are these all done by the same artist? They’re just incredible!
    At least he finished his leg….get it? An arm & a leg??? LOL
    Love the way the blue pops against the black background. Another great shot!

  2. As I said, I love these! They feel personal, and the colors are vivid and bang on!

  3. I love the blue color. These guys all need to join up with Mr. Skeletal! The mall here just opened a Lego Store and I guess you can go and make stuff in the store. Will have to check it out one of these hot days!

  4. This is really an amazing series, Tammy!

  5. Very witty!

  6. Reminds me of an episode of Futurama when both of the robot’s arms fall off and in the next scene you see him attach first one arm then the other.

    “I have no idea how you just did that.”

  7. :)Another fantastic sculpture! Well done by you to fit them into the different themes!

  8. Or maybe he’s self-destructing as he peels himself apart piece by piece.

  9. Wow! I’m really enjoying your Lego shots! What talent the person/persons have who did sculptures!

  10. He looks pretty “Armless” maybe he should pull himself together, Love the sculptures.

  11. FUN shot, your description made me laugh!

  12. AWESOME! I have to show these to my son – those sculptures are simply amazing. Viktoria – http://morrdrakens365.wordpress.com/

  13. Amazing and awesome. Great Shots!

  14. I love this series!

  15. This is so perfect for the theme. I hope that maybe this exhibit will come to Atlanta one day.

  16. Now that’s really funny! That Lego artist has such a quirky sense of humor. This blue guy looks like his reach doesn’t quite match his desires – he’ll probably always be unfinished.

  17. Oh my!!

  18. WOW! THis is really interesting. These photos are fun!

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