162. Outdoor Seating

Went to North Platte over the weekend.  Had beautiful weather on Saturday, but not so great on Sunday.   It was rainy, cold and foggy, but still managed to get some great pictures.



~ by Tammy on June 9, 2009.

18 Responses to “162. Outdoor Seating”

  1. We had a lot of fog here on Sunday too. Apparently it was “Let’s pretend we’re London” day here.

  2. Hi Tammy,
    Looks like a great place for fishing! I can see my hubby sitting there with his poles in the fog and rain! Have a great day!


  3. Beautiful shot with the fog obscuring the island(?) in the distance and your eye taking you right down the walkway to that perfectly placed bench! I’m with Sherrie, the only thing missing is a fisherman…

  4. Beautiful picture! Makes me freeze a little. 😆 I love the feeling you caught in the photo. Well done!

  5. I can almost hear the foghorns, why didn’t you get the Boy’s out fishing, they could have caught an eel or a stonefish or something.

  6. Great shot for the theme, Tammy. And a very moody shot!

  7. I love the mood of this shot, so serene. We had heavy fog here over the weekend, too. Great shot!

  8. Sometimes the foggy shots yield some nice results, especially when there’s a little pop of color like you’ve captured here. Very nice.

  9. I like the fog and the park bench on the dock. Good picture.

  10. I like the soft, muted color and the way the subtle bit of green keeps it frm being nearly monotone.

  11. I knew this was going to be a good one–cool take on the theme. I can’t tell if it’s a cover or seating, but I love that soft blue (turquoise) color against all of the gray.

  12. You would think a setup like this would call for a casual chair, not the intricate design on the iron and wood seat here. That little bit of turquoise and blue keep this from being just another foggy day. Boy, that wood walkway looks swayback…don’t know if I would trust it very far.

  13. I love how the pier/walkway undulates, nice expectant shot- the fog will burn off

  14. What a gorgeous shot! Love the fog and the island in the distance and that little pop of color on the boat. Really terrific!

  15. I like the subtleness of the shot. And it took me awhile to find the bench on the dock. The boat has outdoor seating too. We never made it to North Platte. Thanks for the shots.

  16. Great shot, very soothing.

  17. what a great shot – that would be my favorite spot I’d sit there alllll day!

  18. so pretty! (even in the rain!)

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