161. Vapor

I loved how the sunlight shined through the vapor from this plane.



~ by Tammy on June 8, 2009.

12 Responses to “161. Vapor”

  1. This is a very defined contrail! Such sharp contrast to the blue sky. Love the angle you have there.

  2. Tell the truth Tammy, that is really you and klsbear on your brooms heading to the latest get Danudin Confrence at some swanky resort with all the other WoW Systers. Top Shot.

  3. This is an awesome capture, Tammy, and couldn’t be more perfect for the theme!

  4. Great capture! Nice angle! Tommorrow this time I´m leaving Brazil for vacation in Sweden. I hope the sky will be clear and calm…

  5. Fabulous capture, Tammy! Just great!

  6. Love the contrasts of the blue sky and the white vapor trail–fantastic!

  7. Oh Tammy – Ron figured it out! Not to worry, it won’t do him a bit of good. But that remote camera you must have set up captured us beautifully!

  8. Almost an abstract but for the plane acting as punctuation at the end.

  9. Wonderful contrast between the vapor and the sky. Also love the composition!

  10. Great shot of the vapor and sky. But it also could be the lake with a water skier making a wide wake! Love the colors. You should go over to Bellevue and sit by Offutt and take some pictures 🙂 of the planes landing and taking off. It might be safer at the SAC Museum.

    PS. Carolina is headed to Omaha for the Baseball World Series.

  11. what an incredible sky- we have had nothing but rain for weeks:(

  12. An excellent minimalist shot.

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