160. Favorite Things

It looks like this bee has found one of it’s favorite things…..yummmmm!   I posted ahead a few days – I will be in and out for the next week.  I will be checking the postings, but probably won’t be able to comment on them all.  Have a fun week!FavoriteThings


~ by Tammy on June 5, 2009.

17 Responses to “160. Favorite Things”

  1. Love this Tammy! Catching honey bees while they are still is never easy!
    Beautiful image, love the flower details.

  2. Lovely photo. An image of summer if ever there was one. We had two scorcing hot days last weekend and after that the week has been very wet and cold (only around +5 degrees centigrade, brr). We need the rain though and the garden looks happier after it. As long as it does not continue for the rest of the summer. Have a nice break.

  3. FANTASTIC capture of both the bee and the flower. Have a nice time away from the blog. See you soon!

  4. The detail and clarity in this photo are spectacular!

  5. “When the bee stings,” is part of the song…but this honey bee looks too occupied to be a threat.

  6. Beautiful capture, the color and details are amazing!

  7. Very well done, Tammy! Enjoy your time away from the blogmonster!

  8. Great close-up of a bee. I love the detail in the flower also.

  9. Really nice shot, I like the sofy colours and the detail on the bee is great.

  10. Wonderful shot, it looks like that bee is so heavy with pollen it posed for you..

  11. I can’t get those darn bumblebees around our house to stay still for a moment! You must have charmed this one (but don’t tell Ron, it will just frighten him!)

  12. Great capture, Tammy! I like that the flower petals themselves are a little understated and not overwhelming the image of the bee.

  13. Beautiful shot and great capture of the bee. Great perspective and color. Hope you are doing something fun this week!!

  14. Great photo! It’s not easy to capture a bumblebee like that! /Viktoria

  15. Hi Tammy,
    Great Photo!! I also looked at your other photos. Vine, Curvy and Playground. I really like that curvy one. Beautiful view out that window! Have a great day!!


  16. your macro shot is very very impressive -wonderful!

  17. love seeing bees busy…makes for a wonderful photograph!

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