157. Vine

These are the grape vines at the Prairie Crossing Winery.  The owners said that within a few weeks there will be grapes (maybe we need to plan another trip just to see the grapes LOL).



~ by Tammy on June 4, 2009.

16 Responses to “157. Vine”

  1. Love the alignment and the fabulous sky! I agree…you should plan a trip back!

  2. Lovely sky. Haven’t seen that in a few days.

  3. Is the wine industry in Iowa a flourishing one, I wonder? It’s interesting how grapes can be grown in so many places. I love the sky in your shot!

  4. I agree! It’s a perfectly understandable excuse, um reason to go back…hehehe

  5. Wonderful colors! And I absolutely insist you go back to capture the grapes, the harvest, the barrel tasting and more. On a “small world” side note – we had an e-mail come in from the website at work today inquiring about some of our breads – I thought “that name looks familiar” and I’m pretty certain it was from someone at Prairie Crossing! LOL – maybe I need to hand-deliver some samples.

  6. Grape vines are so interesting. I love the way they grow. Nice shot, beautiful sky.

  7. Nice shot. I think you need areturn trip when the grapes are being pressed.

  8. Nice shot, looks like an HDR rendition. Good work

  9. I think that I would probably go back. Why not! Great symmetry and color contrast.

  10. I had hoped to get to wine country (Napa, CA) this summer, but it looks like that plan is scrapped. Maybe just up to the foothills?? The vines are so interesting and I really wanted a photo of them this year.

  11. Not a bad idea at all;) Nice composition in your photo. It looks like a wonderful day.
    Have a nice weekend!

  12. The lines and the sky in this photo are wonderful!

  13. Love the sky and the symmetry….great shot!

  14. I love how the vines are leading into that fabulous sky. It’s a given that you must go back, why I can think of several themes that make it necessary 😉

  15. my friends just went grape stomping at a local winery – her pictures were great but I couldn’t see myself actually drinking that after!!

  16. Love the perspective on this one – and the marvelous colors in sky and vines. Your winery shots are terrific!

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