151. Empty

This poor cardinal is wondering why his food is EMPTY!



~ by Tammy on May 29, 2009.

18 Responses to “151. Empty”

  1. I imagine that he knows it’s all the squirrels fault and is planning a hostage takeover right now.

  2. He looks like he is comtemplating his fate. Good shot.

  3. Looks like he’s patiently waiting for you to come and serve him! Good one!

  4. Aww, poor guy! Looks like he’s ready for someone to fill up the food!

  5. WoW, Stunning Colour, Feed it you mean old woman, what do you want him to do? Hold his breath till he turns into a BlueJay?

  6. What a beauty! Is this a common bird where you live?
    Maybe not so smart…

  7. Love the color enhancements and the DOF….now, please fill up the feeder!!! lol

  8. We have a cardinal couple that come around more now that the feeders are almost empty for the summer than they did in the winter. This guy has wonderful color. Tell him he’s all grown up and he’s supposed to go find his own food now…

  9. Love that bright red color against the sparkly green background. Cardinals are my favorites!

  10. Poor guy looks confused!! Great processing.

  11. Pretty cardinal, the color is so deep. I’m sure he’s waiting for the feeder to be filled and he’ll be back!

  12. What a beautiful color.

  13. Nice color and capture. I sure wish we had Cardinals, what a pretty bird, kinda noisy, but pretty.

  14. How cool to see cardinals, especially with that wonderful spring green background, nice!

  15. Gorgeous bird! Though he looks a bit confused 🙂

  16. My favourite NEVER SEEN LIVE BEFORE bird ever! : ) Fabulous colour…so wish we had them to look at here! That’s a big feeder…how long does it last before you have to refill?

  17. I am so envious of everyone with beautiful cardinal photos…we don;t have them in Vancouver. 😦 This is lovely…feed him already!!

  18. you have such an awesome eye for the birds – love the color of this one

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