150. Security

Sometimes I think that a good old blanket and a thumb is the best security around…



~ by Tammy on May 28, 2009.

16 Responses to “150. Security”

  1. V


  2. How cute! It looks like an old photo…Good processing!

  3. Those eyes are incredible! Love the selective color and processing.

  4. Another great shot, Tammy. I love this photo for this theme – great idea!

  5. Really sweet, I feel better too. I like the tones in this a lot.

  6. How right you are! Your processing is really terrific.

  7. Thumbs are over rated and lose their taste, but blankets go on forever.

  8. This is so precious. I love the selective color.

  9. Wonderful photo for security and I love the color treatment on this photo – very muted and conveys a nice mood.

  10. It’s definitely the best security around!! Love the effect on this. Great selective coloring.

  11. The mood you’ve created with this photo is awesome, security at its best!

  12. I agree security blankets are the best. Nice processing

  13. The selective color in this shot is fantastic!
    I agree with you..

  14. Agreed! Fantastic shot and I love how you altered it…it’s gorgeous!

  15. This is an extraordinary portrait–not just the very effective use of selective color but the satin skin tones and above all, the little boy’s soulful eyes.

  16. great post production with the selective color

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