147. Boy

My nephew Mikey is definitely ALL boy,

Boy1From riding on Grandpa’s riding lawn mower,

Boy2to driving Grandpa’s tow truck,

Boy3to picking out non matching clothes and making sure all parts are intact,



~ by Tammy on May 26, 2009.

19 Responses to “147. Boy”

  1. And apparently a heppy, gleeful boy!

  2. What cute photos, Mikey is adorable!

  3. they are definately a breed apart! LOL Cute!

  4. He’d be an instant friend to my DGS with that cammo!! He’s a little cutie! Nice photos! I’ll bet he loves to see them here too.

  5. wow, wow, wow! ALL of your photographs are Awesome! You are so talented! and little Mikey is sooo cute!

  6. Fantastic pictures!!! They are all classics…

  7. What a great series of shots from a Mother who is starting to understand boys, at last!

  8. He really plays to the camera! I bet he’s loads of fun to have around. Great series.

  9. Cute, cuter, cutest!!!! One question….does the name of Grandpa’s truck have any particular meaning? lol

  10. These are such precious photos. I especially like Mikey and Grandpa in the tow truck.

  11. Wonderful photos that his mother will always cherish. What a boy!!

  12. He’s darling. Love the little series…and LOL on the “non-matching clothes” comment!

  13. I can see what you meen 😉 He´s so cute!

  14. These are so much essence of boy! A great series indeed and if I were Grandpa I’d hide that chain saw.

  15. Such a boy and so cute!! Great shots.

  16. That last shot is absolutely priceless! Could have taken that same shot of my son at that age many times over. But, sadly, never did… 😉

  17. what a little cutie pie! great shot Auntie!

  18. Great shots and the last one it´s so cool.

  19. These are awesome shots – you captured the entire spirit of a little boy!

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