146. Transparent

Today was so nice that we were playing with water – what started out as watering the flowers turned in to let’s soak mom!  Gotta love them!  Even though I got soaked, I was still thinking of the blog, I think this one works as transparent…



~ by Tammy on May 25, 2009.

21 Responses to “146. Transparent”

  1. A Beautiful Image Tammy, but even though the dam Levels have risen here from 18% to 72%, they have decided to keep the restrictions on till Christmas. So don’t expect me to steal your idea (This Time)

  2. Always thinking about the blog:)
    Beautiful colours and wonderful sharpness!
    Great for the theme I think.

  3. Brilliant photo, love the colours and how well you have captured the water.

  4. Hi Tammy,
    Wonderful photo! And it fits the theme great! Love all the color, who would think transparent would be so colorful! Have a great day!!


  5. Lovely colors. I love the prism effect.

  6. Adorable colors and wonderful sharpness! 🙂
    Great job!

  7. Yes, it does work! Very cool!

  8. Always thinking about the blog, huh? I like the colors in this pic!

  9. I love this….great detail! I so need to get a Macro Lens…it’s where my heart is I think.

  10. This is a fun photo! I love the colors you captured in the water. It’s such a pretty, clear picture!

  11. Beautiful rich colors in this shot!

  12. Very clever idea!! Love your processing…..I think we have the same hose! : )

  13. Love the sharpness and how you froze the action of the water. Very creative shot.

  14. This is great! Love the processing work….the water is amazing!

  15. Amazing! You’ve turned a simple, ordinary sight into a thing of wonder: the water looks like glass, and who would ever have thought the nozzle of a hose would be lovely?

  16. Great shot — colorful and the transparency is definitely there!

  17. You did turn such a common thing into a striking image, I love the colors you got in the stream of water and I’m happy to know that even dripping you have the challenge in mind 😉

  18. Not only is it perfect for transparent it’s a fabulous photgraph. Love the processing.

  19. This is simply spectacular. There’s a rainbow of colors in that translucent water, and the textures are wonderful.

  20. Wonderful way to make something extraordinary from an everyday shot. And perfect for the theme too!

  21. Simply Stunning. Nicely done!

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