144. Perfect Alignment

My husband and I went for a walk last night along the Missouri River when I noticed all these lamps were perfectly aligned…



~ by Tammy on May 23, 2009.

16 Responses to “144. Perfect Alignment”

  1. A very romatic shot, what with the cool sothing blue of the sky and the comforting warm glow of the streetlights.

  2. I love the clouds. Not too heavy but a lovely almost foreboding blue.

  3. Lovely evening for a walk — good capture for the theme!

  4. Gorgeous shot. I really like the effects in this. I posted Perfect Alignment for today too!!

  5. Wonderful!The composition, the colours and the light! This I really like Chesney!

  6. Wonderful Dusk work, not too much light nor too dark.

  7. Very nice. Like it a lot.

  8. Nice composition and color. An excellent shot for the theme.

  9. OH my GOSH, Tammy! What contrast – these is wonderful!

  10. Just lovely! Perfect perspective lesson too. The cool dusky blue is so wonderful combined with the warm glow of the lamps. Well done!

  11. Just wonderful Tammy! The composition, colors and the light!
    Pure love!!

  12. Pretty place for a stroll! I like how the path is slightly curved yet the lights line up straight–or do they? perhaps it is an optical illusion! WONDERFUL shot!

  13. What a lovely place for an evening walk. Nice capture. I like the blue sky and the warm glow of the lights.

  14. The sky is such a beautiful color, and I love the endless feel of the photo.

  15. Beautiful shot, Tammy! Very romantic….I hope you put the camera away and did a little hand holding as you walked beneath those lights and that sky!

  16. Beautiful image, Tammy. One of your best!

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