140. Minimalism

The “Architectural Wonders of the World” exhibit is currently on display at our gardens.   Miniatures of 13 of the world’s most fascinating structures will be on display through out the summer months.  The artist, Paul Busse, built all of these miniatures to be amazingly accurate in details  The one pictured is the “Moai” located on Easter Island.  These minimalist statues were constructed between 1250 & 1500 CE and are all carved out of stone.  For more info on the Moai click HERE.


~ by Tammy on May 20, 2009.

17 Responses to “140. Minimalism”

  1. These are so cool, Tammy! I live so far out in the boonies we never get exhibits like this! Great shot – and I’m jealous! 🙂

  2. I had an interest in these when I was younger, as it was one of my goals to see Easter Island when I had the Joshua Slocum bug and wanted to sail single handed around the world. Your image seems to have captured a lot of the mystery surrounding them quite well. Tough topic to shoot. Very Lowell Thomas.

  3. Those are pretty cool. So what were the other 12 that he mimicked? Are they all current or are their any ancient wonders?

  4. Hi!
    They are beautiful in their simplicity!! These statues always amaze me when I see them in a documentary on t.v. How did they make them and how did they move them. One of the greatest mysteries of the world!


  5. Your black and white with shadows adds mystery to this display. Wish I could see them in person, too…

  6. I’ve read a few books about Easter Island. Fascinating subject. The link you provided was also. Nice shot.

  7. Very good way to illustrate a tough theme!

  8. Very striking shot, the b/w is perfect. I’m curious too about the others…(hint, hint)

  9. Very complelling photo…particularly when contrasted to yesterday’s riot of color!

  10. Neat shot Tammy!! Looks great in B&W. Interesting story,

  11. They suites very well in black&white these statues! I try to convince my husband that we are going to Easter Island 🙂 No luck so far!

  12. Love the black and white treatment. Looks like a very interesting display.

  13. Nice processing – they seem to be watching attentively.

  14. Very cool–the B&W evokes the mystery of the originals.

  15. Great choice with the processing!! Wonderful subjects you have chosen.

  16. oh to see them in person one day…it’s on my wish list too! love how this shot turned out for this theme—fantastic!

  17. Love the way you photographed these from a slight angle rather than straight on. And, as everyone said, the black & white suits the subject really well – reminiscent of an old newsreel photo.

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