138. Song Lyrics

For some reason these Bleeding Heart flowers reminds me of the song by Leona Lewis “Bleeding Love“.    Click on the word “Bleeding Love” to see the video.



~ by Tammy on May 18, 2009.

14 Responses to “138. Song Lyrics”

  1. The framing and composition of this when combined with the colour mix makes it an absolute winner.

  2. Those are some gorgeous flowers. I’ve never seen them before.

  3. I like the vibrant colors in this photo and the blossoms all in a row.

  4. Beautiful!! Love the selective coloring and the frame.

  5. Song lyrics or no…this is a beautiful photo. The colors are awesome!

  6. Very clever! Great flower shots, too!

  7. and I think this pic is Bleeding Beautiful! : )

  8. Great picture with great detail. The framing is perfect.

  9. Wonderful flowers! In swedish they are called “Lieutenant heart”, löjtnantshjärta. Great for the theme both the photo and the music!

  10. I love your framing. Bleeding hearts are such unique flowers, and your processing makes them stand out: it showcases their distinctive shapes and bright color.

  11. Beautiful bokeh – I’m loving all the spring flowers we’re all sharing.

  12. Nice DOF in this one, I like it.

  13. Great shot and tie in to the video. I love that song. They used it last season on So You Think You Can Dance and it was one of the best dances in the show. The pinks are perfect.

  14. They are such an unique flower and they grow crazily here. Hard to contain them. Your shot is so pretty!

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