137. Wall

Well….a half wall anyways.  I just loved how beautiful this looked (and smelled with those lilacs)!


~ by Tammy on May 17, 2009.

17 Responses to “137. Wall”

  1. Isn’t that the entry to the secret garden that i read about somewhere, or is this a failed real estate coup?

  2. A wonderful entrance … you have to open the gate and enter…

  3. A cute gate. I know I’d just have to go through. Bet it smelled wonderful.

  4. Lovely wall and lilacs. Funny, if I open my back door I can actually smell the lilacs. (Might be the one in my garden though, but I’m sure yours smelled as heavenly!)

  5. I love all the blooming lilacs, so gorgeous. It’s almost like they ran out of bricks and someone just said, oh I know let’s put a door there instead.

  6. Those lilacs are lovely against the red brick and the slightly open door really draws you into the photo.

  7. Hi!
    It’s beautiful with those lilacs against it! Love the shape of the wall, very nice! Have a great day!!


  8. Gorgeous entrance!
    You have to open the gate and enter.. 😉

  9. Gorgeous!! I can smell the lilacs all the way over here!!

  10. Very intriguing image…where does this lead, I wonder? I’ll bet is smelled heavenly!

  11. Such an Entrancing Entrance into the Enchanted Garden! Love the hardware on the door too!

  12. This is a beautiful image. Makes you wonder what is beyond that door. Excellent.

  13. Lovely – the symmetry is really pleasing.

  14. Oh I love this. I love texture and the wall is so pretty. The slight;y open door makes me want to push it open and see whats in there.

  15. What a wonderful subject and suoper photo

  16. I can almost smell the lilacs. the combination of textures is very interesting, what with the flowers, the surrounding vegetation the wood and the brick.

  17. I love the nearly perfect symmetry and the beckoning garden door. Great photo!

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