137. No Exit

I think this would be “End of the Line” for any train….



~ by Tammy on May 16, 2009.

17 Responses to “137. No Exit”

  1. Yep no exit. WOW that would be a terrible train ride. Cool picture. Model trains are so much fun.

  2. What detail in this little building! I like your composition here! Nice!

  3. This is so quaint! A big surprise for any conductor, though. Really like your processing.

  4. Definitely the end of the line!

  5. Is that the Westwick Wailway Station after you had done with it, good shot though.

  6. Love this picture. Great composition and effect.

  7. Oops. I think I’d be a little upset if I was on that train!

  8. Charming! It draws you into another world but I hope the engineer of the train is on his toes.

  9. Nice shot, must be a mini with Topaz processing? I love the effect.

  10. Hi!
    Great photo for the theme!! I love model trains, they are so cute and realistic! Have a great day!!


  11. Lovely photo and I would hope it would be a stopping point.

  12. That’s a really elaborate model train set – and a gret photo of the end of the line.

  13. Great image. Love all of the textures and the contrasts between the green and the brown. Great take on the theme.

  14. Great for the theme! And I love the sweet little cottage. A obvious place for the train to stop at…:)

  15. Lovley photo!
    I love the sweet little cottage! 🙂

  16. Great colouring! Fun pick for the theme!

  17. LOL! That would be one hair-raising ride!

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