136. Living The Green Life

Nobody is living the green life better than this guy….



~ by Tammy on May 15, 2009.

25 Responses to “136. Living The Green Life”

  1. Ooh I so want to pick that frog up and take him home with me. I love the look on his face, just hanging out waiting to see where this weather’s going and trying to decide if it’s worth the energy to take cover.

  2. Love this! It’s neat the way the surface of the water has all the bubbles and ripples. The froggy looks so sharp and……GREEN! Terrific capture, Tammy…

  3. A really great capture! The compositon and the rings on the surface…I love it!
    Hope you´ll have a nice weekend!

  4. Wonderful image! Love the composition and the color. Nice little guy to pose so nicely.

  5. This is too cute. It is a wonderful image. The bubbles and swirls on the water are great.

  6. I was thinking this looks really familiar…finally figured it out, there was a frog on last night’s Survivor popping his head up like this! Very cute and defintely green! Love it!

  7. Love this photo! He looks so comfy just hanging out in the rain.

  8. Superb study in Frog!

  9. Fabulous froggy! They’re just the cutest things, well, toads too!
    Love this little green guy!

  10. It looks like everything has been said–fabulous shot.

  11. Perfect composition, what with the ripples that almost reflect the frog’s eyes.

  12. Definitely made me smile, a great shot!

  13. I love everything about this, especially the ripples, great shot and couldn’t be greener indeed!

  14. Ha! He looks familiar! Did he hope over from Arizona? 😉 Isn’t it funny how they just kind of hang in the water? I didn’t know frogs could do that…

  15. One of my favorites so far! This one really made me smile – he’s just so happy to be photographed (now don’t let Ron figure out he’s one of our spys…)

  16. What a great photo. Sure makes it look easy to be green (thank you, Kermit)

  17. Awesome. He’s got his eyes on you!

  18. Oh my gosh, he is too cute!! I think he was just waiting there for you to come along and take his picture.

  19. That frog’s head just popping over the surface is wonderful – and there are countless shades of green in this photo. Terrific!

  20. Awesome!! He got his eyes on you! 😉

  21. Another clever take on this theme, Tammy! I’ve scheduled a post in the next couple of days that is similar to this picture, on a different topic. I guess great minds think alike!! ;:)

  22. It’s not easy being green…does anyone remember Kermit?? Great use of the theme, Tammy!

  23. He looks comfy! Nice shot.

  24. I just love this little fellow!

  25. OH…can you send him to me? I would love to have a frog in my pond! LOVE this photo, detail and light are amazing, and I love the ripples behind him

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