135. Selective Focus

I fell in love with this flower the moment I saw it!  I loved the color and the contrast between the flower and the background!



~ by Tammy on May 14, 2009.

19 Responses to “135. Selective Focus”

  1. It is a beautiful flower! I love the deep color.

  2. Great minds think alike Tammy – we both posted purple and green floral shots for the theme Selective Focus today! When Ron realizes that he’s really going to be spooked – perhaps we were twins, separated at birth! I can see why you fell in love with this flower – the image is stunning.

  3. Yes, you and Karen must be thinking alike. Same theme, same colors….Beautiful combination.

  4. This is beautiful. The focus is perfect and the color is exquisite

  5. Beautiful flower.

  6. Gorgeous! I really like the way you positioned the second bloom in the frame and the selective focus is lovely.

  7. Beautiful. Nice focus and composition. Isn’t May great for all us photographers.

  8. Beautiful color and detail. Love the processing and framing. I agree with Barbs!

  9. Hi!
    It’s Beautiful!!! I love flowers and you captured this one just right! Have a great day!!


  10. Wonderful! I like the colours! Is it an Allium?

  11. Wonderful! It’s a beautiful shot.

  12. Beautiful. The contrasts in this picture are great. Love the bright pink.

  13. I love the colour and contrast too…stunning shot for the theme!

  14. Nice! The color and focus are spectacular. I especially like the way the foreground flower is in front of the frame.

  15. This is wonderful. The framing makes it looks like a mirror.

  16. Gorgeous colors. Love the purple and green together. Your selective focus is perfect. Looks like you and Karen must have been conversing on what to post for today!!

  17. Perfect for theme and I like the framing too. I should plant some of these. Lovely.

  18. This is a stunning shot! I love the contrast and color 🙂

  19. Beautiful Tammy! Love how you “frame” your pictures..I have so much to learn! My alliums are just starting to bloom too.

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