134. Flare

This is a picture of downtown Omaha and the First National Bank Tower.  When I downloaded it to the computer I was disappointed because I captured the sun glare.   Then, while checking out my theme list I came upon FLARE  – perfect I thought.  Mistakes pay off (sometimes).



~ by Tammy on May 13, 2009.

27 Responses to “134. Flare”

  1. You were disappointed with that? I LOVE it! Love your treatment too…

  2. A perfect way to use it!

  3. Great treatment! I love the flare:)

  4. That’s so cool.

    It reminds me too we’re gonna be in Omaha by the Orpheum tomorrow. Do you have any good restaurant suggestions? It’s sad how little I know about Omaha.

  5. Wow, a very cool mistake. Like the image!

  6. Way cool that is, brings me memories of sad happenings but this is more nice. Wonderful mistake 🙂

  7. Super flare! I need to remember to watch for that theme opportunity! You captured the perfect one.

  8. Don’t ya love surprises!

  9. That’s perfect for the theme Tammy and I really like the horizontal line of the traffic light among all the strong verticals.

  10. This turned out great! I used one of these for my “flare”, too, and it wasn’t what I set out to take. Love the processing on this image.

  11. Love the image, Tammy. It is way cool. The sun glare is wonderful.

  12. I like the way you capture that bright glint of sun–and the processing frames it well.

  13. Way to salvage a perfectly fine photo! Love how this turned out! Great shot!

  14. This is so cool! You should never have thought of this as a mistake!

  15. I love the image, it is very cool.

  16. Love the flair it adds to the shot.

  17. Cool, the flare definitely adds to the shot.

  18. Sometimes a disapointment can turn in to great photo! This turned out fine! 🙂 Great shot Tammy

  19. BEAUTIFUL shot for flare! Sometimes that’s when the best shots happen!

  20. Just LOVE it when that happens! Love the contrast in this shot too!

  21. Great “save”. Perfect for the theme!

  22. Theme or no theme the flare is perfect.

  23. I’ll bet you couldn’t have planned any better if you tried. The image has a real metallic look to it. You did some nice tricks to the edges, too.

  24. Perfect mistake!!

  25. Flare can really add to some pictures and this is just perfect! I think that tower was just being started when we moved from Omaha!

    PS: I bought some old postcards from a guy at the Genealogy conference of Omaha. One of The Western Heritage Museum, but It is Omaha Union Station (a great place for pictures) and one of the Chapel at Boys Town and one of Boys Town School Buildings. I will scan them and put them online. I want to get the same shots now a days.

  26. A serendipitous mistake! That flare really adds drama to this great photo.

  27. Great accidental flare. Looks great. In fact it makes the image.

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