128. Mismatched

“One of these hands is not like the others, one of these hands just doesn’t belong”!  Sorry had to do it!  Two months after Corey broke 2 bones in his leg, Ryan felt the need to break 2 bones in his hand playing soccer.    I don’t know, must be a twin thing….soccer sure is getting to be an expensive sport!  LOL



~ by Tammy on May 6, 2009.

18 Responses to “128. Mismatched”

  1. Yipes! Great shot, I love the tones, it makes a great ‘on the injured list’ sport card. Maybe golf would be a better sport?

  2. Great shot!! I love the toning, but I agree with you.. Soccer seems to be a dangerous sport.. Maybe they should try playing poker instead? 😉

  3. Honestly! Do your twins ALWAYS have to do the same thing! or close to it…

  4. Great shot! I shouldn’t be laughing, but those guys seem to like to share everything. 😉

  5. This is such a terrific portrait of Ryan and I love the selective color. I never realized how dangerous soccer was until I ‘met’ your twins….

  6. It’s a great shot of your son and the purple cast adds a little bit of fun to the image. I remember Mr. Lorri swearing we were going to be investigated for child abuse when we went through a period of each daughter breaking an arm just as the previous girl was having her own cast removed!

  7. Lovely portrait & wonderful processing. I hope you have very good health insurance! Looks like you’re going to be needing it A LOT! (Hope Ryan heals quickly)

  8. he’s displaying it well, nice shot.

  9. Oh my! I do love the portrait and the purple cast. I am afraid I did laugh and I do hope he heals quickly.

  10. Boys!!!! Well done, Tammy – the blue sling is perfect!

  11. Hmmmm – maybe they should consider something safer, like knitting… He’s being a good sport with his pose here – nice processing!

  12. Ryan doesn’t look too happy about you taking his picture!! Great selective coloring. Love the purple cast. Hope both boys are on the mend.

  13. As others have said – great use of selective coloring (especially on the PURPLE cast). Handsome kid….looks familiar…hmmmm… 😀

  14. Love the picture with the selective color, Tammy. You have had your hands full this year.

  15. I love the selective coloring. I never knew soccer was so dangerous!

  16. Nice portrait…and the purple cast adds that something extra!

  17. I take it your boys take soccer SERIOUSLY! Great portrait, and a very effective use of B&W.

  18. Fantastic portrait–the selective color is perfect.

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