127. Dessert

After a hard shift of being “herded”, the geese go back to their little home and get dessert.  The gentleman claims their favorite is gatorade and pepsi products.  Hmmmmmm…..not too sure how good this is for the geese, but they sure do seem to enjoy it!



~ by Tammy on May 5, 2009.

18 Responses to “127. Dessert”

  1. …they wouldn’t like me as their owner then! ; ) You’ve captured it brilliantly, dribbles and all!

  2. It is a good thing that you snapped a photo, because I don’t think anyone would believe it, otherwise.

  3. lol. They seem to like it.

  4. I didn’t know you had a camera when you were a young girl and these were taken, I though it was just charcoal. But red cordial will play havoc with an ADD Goose.

  5. How funny! I’d never have thought geese would drink human drinks!

  6. Great shot. The geese do seem to like the drink 🙂

  7. Hurray now those geese can golf as good as Tiger Woods, if Gatorade commercials are to be believed.

  8. This only gets weirder! I’m surprised the animal rights activists don’t send the humane society after him….

    I love all the action in your first shot…

  9. Hi Chesney,
    Love your geese photos! Their little costumes are cute. My dogs, Katie and Bubba like root beer for their treat! Have a great day!!


  10. How does the foie gras taste with that diet;)
    A great capture Chesney!
    About the Inhotim museum…it´s stricly forbidden to take photos inside the galleries 😦 But they a homepage where you can study the artists and their works: http://www.inhotim.org.br/

  11. Such a great find. I guess the Gaterade is like the sugar water that we give hummingbirds.

  12. A gatorade-powered goose? That’s a scary thought!

  13. This shot makes on do a double take–an almost fariy tale mediaeval picture–and then this 21st century plastic right in the middle of it!

  14. OMG! It can’t be a good diet for those poor birds! 😉
    Great capture Tammy!

  15. There are so many things I like about this photo. The textures and rich colors. The time worn look of it contrasted with that plastic bottle in the midst of the ducks. Great shot!

  16. OK, if he gives the geese pepsi & gatorade, I wonder what HE drinks! lol Love the colors here!

  17. Traditionally a favorite medieval beverage of choice for humans and fowl – woderfully captured!

  18. That’s so funny!! Maybe they need the Gatorade so that they don’t get dehydrated!!

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