124. Silver and Gold

Meet Ron’s brother, ughhhh…..I mean a monkey at the zoo.  I loved the way the light brought out hints of silver and gold in his hair.  Those gold spikes are priceless.   This guy was having fun having a stare down with me, he won every time.



~ by Tammy on May 3, 2009.

18 Responses to “124. Silver and Gold”

  1. He’s just pissed that you’re taking a picture on him on such a bad hair day.

    So cool, he he he.

  2. Naw he was kicked out of our family because of his Good Looks, and immediately adopted by the Chesneys, who needed the Gene input to lift their game, and the stylist has done wonders with his hair, wish I had it. Can’t you see me as PUNK Tammy?

  3. Did you dye his tips for this challenge? Cool picture. I thought it was my hubbie! Great DOF. He does look like he was having a bad day!

  4. What great character. I love his fur!

  5. My husband, who rarely takes interest in anything on the computer, was looking over my shoulder when I opened up this picture. His reacation: “Wow! Someone took that? Like, a person took that? [I think he meant, as oppesed to a professional photographer, not as oppesed to another monkey!] Phenomenal!” He was REALLY impressed. So was I–this portrait has incredible personality.

  6. He´s so cute, but he looks a bit sad I think…! Nice colours in the fur! Great capture Chesney!

  7. Great image. I love his eyes. The detail in his fur is great. You can even see the whiskers on his chin.

  8. very nice portrait shot!

  9. I missed a lot of great photographs!! Love your Silver and Gold theme but my favorite, of course, is Look Alikes!!

  10. This is fantastic! A super shot and he is such a great monkey. WOW

  11. Another wonderful animaal shot. The comment threads on this photo are priceless – between Ron, and Bobbie, I was chuckling all the way through! Thanks for the enterainment!

  12. You are a fantastic animal photographer Tammy!!
    This shot is WoW!! 🙂
    And for this theme it is just perfect!

  13. Another winner Tammy!

  14. hee hee cute! cute in a ‘don’t get so close to me’ kind of way! lol

  15. Looks just LIKE Ron …. errr I mean a monkey! What a wonderful shot!!

  16. So distinguished looking and what a perfect shot for the theme…

    Do you sleep at the zoo???? 😉

  17. lol I love the detail you captured in his fur

  18. LOL – High fives to you Tammy – for the great commentary and the wonderful photo.

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