123. Street Scenes

Here is what Corey and I wandered upon when going to his Dr’s appt.  Corey grabbed the camera and jumped out of the car (even w/ his broken leg) and caught this family on it’s afternoon stroll!  It was a beautful day for it!



~ by Tammy on May 2, 2009.

20 Responses to “123. Street Scenes”

  1. What a great shot. You said Corey took it? OMG we are turning our kids into photographers too!

  2. Love it! The little guy stepping into the picture makes it more special!

  3. This is SO COOL…excellent shot Corey! and Great timing too! Framework finishes it up perfectly!

  4. What a great shot!! Execellent Corey and with the timing!!
    I love the framework 🙂

  5. Looks like the geese did some adopting with that many goslings.

    Lovely picture, and I certainly can’t blame them for enjoying the perfect weather.

  6. This is so cute. The framework is perfect, also.

  7. That’s wonderful fun Tammy! The one strutting in front reminds me of a high stepping drum major. Clever use of the OOB too.

  8. It’s great to see you out strolling with your family Duckie!. When does Corey start his own blogsite?

  9. What a great shot. Wonderful take on the theme. The OOB is perfect, here.

  10. Hi Chesney,
    That’s a great photo for the theme!! Really cute little family! Have a great evening!


  11. Such proud parents! Great photo.

  12. Delightful! The parents look so proud.

  13. Wonderful image! I love the frame for it, too, and the little tagalong bringing up the rear. Great job!

  14. This was a great find and Corey did a super job!

  15. What proud parents! Great shot Corey!

  16. Wonderful image!!!! Really good work.

  17. Darling photo (great job, Corey!) and I love the use of OOB on this image – it’s perfect for it!

  18. Fabulous shot Corey and a wonderful eye for spotting interesting things! Nice one! (Watch out Tammy!)

  19. Wonderful catch, Corey, and great presentation, Mom!

  20. so cute- Great job Corey! hope your leg is healing well

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