122. Doors

Here are the doors going into the same church as the previous post.  Thought the tree reflections in the window above was kinda cool…

doorsEveryone keeps asking what effect I did on this one.  I duplicated the image and added the topaz adjust 3 filter (spicifier) to it, then lower the opacity down to 50%.  Really easy!  I wish I could do HDR – a little higher learning curve LOL


~ by Tammy on April 30, 2009.

25 Responses to “122. Doors”

  1. Absolutely stunning Tammy.

  2. Lovely shot, Tammy.

  3. It really is a beautiful church. I like the effect you added – is that Topaz? It seems to bring out so much detail.

  4. The tree reflection gives an eerie feel to the picture with the processing.

  5. Gorgeous. I love that reflection of the trees on the blue windows.

  6. Wow!!! Looks a bit like HD to me.

  7. sorry! HDR, I mean. 🙂

  8. Gotta love Topaz! It was made to bring out the details in shots like this!

  9. Wow!! Is this a HDR image?
    What effects have you used?
    I’m impressed!! Lovley work Tammy!

  10. The reflections are beautiful, but the window is breathtaking. I didn’t even notice the doors!!

  11. Absolutely gorgeous! I am speechless.

  12. Wonderful the way the tree is reflected in the window. It makes one wonder if it is indeed a reflection or the pattern of the stained glass.

  13. As usual, nice processing….

  14. Gorgeous!

  15. You’re right, Tammy! The tree reflection is cool! Very impressives shot!

  16. Hi Chesney,
    This is a stunning door!! Really beautiful doors!! Have a great evening!


  17. Super! The processing and the reflection of the tree are wonderful.

  18. Wow! I like this! Nice processed and a great shot!

  19. Love the effect you used…turned out superb! Love the reflection of the trees too! Wonderful shot!

  20. All of the above. A great picture with great processing.

  21. What Clara said! 😉

  22. wonderful photo…really like the reflections in the windows.

  23. Really cool image, Tammy! The trees are an added bonus. Your processing really makes the photo.

  24. what a great photo the doors against the stain glass and with the filters you used – just perfect

  25. Great shot, super colors.

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