121. Steeple

This is the steeple to one of the chuches located at Boys Town here in Omaha, NE.


~ by Tammy on April 30, 2009.

21 Responses to “121. Steeple”

  1. Beautiful picture of a stunning steeple. I think the sky just makes the shot. I love it,

  2. That effect is wonderful for this photo. I like how you framed the church between the trees on either side.

  3. Very nice. I like the effects the tree has as well.

  4. Lovely photo–the church looks really old.

  5. Beautiful photo with great processing!

  6. Beautiful, Tammy. Great composition.

  7. Beautiful photo. What a great piece of architecture.

  8. Sky is interesting touch to the Gothic-look of the steeple. Beautiful.

  9. This is also a photo with great processing! Really nice!

  10. Hi Chesney,
    That is so beautiful, standing on it’s own or backed by the sky, it would be beautiful! Have a great evening!


  11. I’m so glad “steeple” is a theme, because I’ve seen so many pretty photos posted. This is stunning.

  12. Do you and the other Systers sleep hanging upside down in that belfry? Great Gothic structure, dramatic Photograph.

  13. Beautiful picture, I love the blue sky and the green tree in the foreground.

  14. Like the others, I love the “powdery”(?) effect. How’d you do it?

  15. I love the texture rendered by this effect. It adds a touch of the etheral to the steeple.

  16. I, like the others love the “powdery” effect!
    Stunning! 🙂

  17. Ron seems to be catching on…. Nice angle on this one – I love how it towers up through the foliage – very majestic image.

  18. What a beautiful church! I love how the trees frame it too…and how the green of the one tree is duplicated in the dome of the steeple at the base of the cross.

  19. Very beautiful. I love the processing on the photo, also.

  20. Lovely and to repeat the trees framing the dramatic steeple is fabulous. Wonderful color through out.

  21. Very beautiful against the sky – love the angle that you shot at it makes the steeple more impressive

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