120. Past it’s Prime

This magnolia bloom is past it’s prime, but look how beautiful it still is!



~ by Tammy on April 29, 2009.

22 Responses to “120. Past it’s Prime”

  1. It’s sad how it turned so warm so quickly things had about two days to bloom and then began to wilt.

    Of course then it turned cold and rainy right after that because it’s funny.

  2. Lovely picture, the hands holding the flower add to the photo.

  3. Beautiful bloom, even as it’s fading. Love your treatment of the photo, as well as the composition. Well done!

  4. I like the clasped hands holding the flower. Neat color treatment too…

  5. Very pretty, I like how the petals extend over the frame and the color is bright and cheery.

  6. Still lovely indeed. Love your use of selective color.

  7. Everything about this photo is stellar: the composition, the mood, the use of selective coloring, the soft focus, the bokeh, the frame and the way the flower extends beyond it…I can’t say enough about it!

  8. The colors are superb and I love the way it’s being delicately held.

  9. I love the hands folded holding that most fleeting of flowers, really lovely…

  10. Gorgeous photo! Like the contrast between the black&white bit and the colour.

  11. Very nice composition, the hands make the picture. It’s strange that y’all have magnolia blooms there when we don’t have them in the south yet.

  12. Fantastic composition!

  13. Processing is really nice on this – lovely photo.

  14. Gorgeous! I love your treatment of the photo!

  15. Another wonderful processing job on this lovely bloom.

  16. This is gorgeous!!! Fantastic composition!

  17. Tammy – I love your subtle use of the OOB technique! It works perfectly with this shot!

  18. I’m enjoying this photo so much, because it is a beautiful, unique look at something we’ve all seen before. You didn’t just make the photo b/w and retain color in the flower. There is still a hint of color in the flesh of the hand and a beautiful effect on the flower, and lets not forget the OOB. This is lovely–fantastic.

  19. Sensational! I’m slowly being pulled from my point and click mode!

  20. fantastic production! I love this I think it’s one of my favs you have done

  21. Wow, this picture is perfect I love it!!! Can not stop looking =)

  22. Very cool effect, looks like the front of a classy wedding album.

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